Big Flame


Index of Site Contents

This page is a list of previous posts. Hopefully this will make them accessible way than searching by category. It does not include the longest series of posts which are listed on another page – the Episodes in Big Flame History series.



A mixture of reprints of previously published articles or newly written material which provide an assessment of Big Flame, or some aspect of it.

No 1. Max Farrar

No 2. Paul Thompson

No 3. John Waller

No 3 (Part Two) John Waller

No 4. Mike Jones

No 5. Kevin McDonnell



 Some additional big Flame documents to those which have appeared in other series.

 No 1. How to Fight Them

No2. Labouring under the Tories?

No3. Ford Halewood Leaflets and Bulletin 

No4. Position on International Solidarity

No5. Women’s Struggle Notes

no6. Anti-Nuclear Action

No7. Proposal for a Sunday Socialist Newspaper

No8. Position on Black Autonomy

No9. Early Discussions of Organisation

No10. Position on International Solidarity Part 2: Southern Africa

No 11. Fisher Bendix

No12. Sexuality and Fascism

 No 13. The Youth Debate



The News on Sunday Project



Two small organisations whose members joined Big Flame, and another whose members were invited to do so.

No1. Revolutionary Marxist Current [RMC]

No2. Libertarian Communist Group [LCG]

No3. (or in this case didn’t) International Socialist Alliance [ISA] 



Some political organisation in other countries which had an impact on Big Flame politics.

No1. Sojourner Truth Organization

No2. Lotta Continua

No2 Part 2. Lotta Continua

No 2 Part 3. Lotta Continua

No3. Movimento de Izquierda Revolucionaria [MIR]



Finally, some posts which weren’t part of a series.

Who We Were: The same text as the page of this name, but a different set of comments. This is the post which launched the website.

Archiving Big Flame: Information on archives in England with collections of Big Flame documents.

Big Flame: The Television Play: The television play from which the organisation took its name.

1960s and 70s Left Libertarianism; A Reading List: A bibliography on the context in which Big Flame emerged.

1960s and 70s Student Protest: Some Websites: Two interesting websites, which are also part of the context from which Big flame emerged.

1950s-80s British Left Groups and Movements on the Internet: Some more websites which focus on left groups or movements.

Commune Forum on Big Flame: Report of a meeting in August 2010 hosted by the political organisation the Commune, which discussed Big Flame.

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