Big Flame


BF History series

The longest series of posts on this website was “Episodes in Big Flame History” and was intended to provide an introduction to Big Flame. There were 30 posts in all. Some provided a chronological history. Others made detours by way of a theme. All of them provided links to illustrative Big Flame documents in the form of scans of pamphlets, journal and newspaper articles and internal documents. The posts were:

No 1. The Beginning

No 2. Big Flame Politics

No 3. Industry and Workplace

No4. Women and Feminism Part 1

No 5. 1975 Debate – National Organisation and Autonomy

No 6. Italy

no 7. China

no8. Party and Class

No9. Ireland

No10. Chile and Portugal

No 11. 1976-78 Debate – The Project and Socialist Unity

No 12. Internal Organisation

no 13. Education

No14. Racism and Fascism

No15. The Newspaper 

No16. The Journal

No17. Women and Feminism part 2 

No18: Sexual Politics and Life Part 1

No19: Sexual Politics and Life part 2: Men’s Politics

No20. Children

No 21. The Summer School

No 22. 1979-80 Debate – Transitional Politics and Alternative Plans

No 23. Health

No24. Trotskyism

No 25. State Collectivism

No 26. Iran and Afghanistan

No 27. 1981 Debate – The Labour Party and the Alternatives

No 28. The Local State

no 29. Women and Feminism Part 3

No 30. The Last Years

One Response to “BF History series”

  1. Henrick Hauptmann said

    Hi boys, where are the girls? Love to get involved. I know that there are piles of BF stuff in the Working Class Movement Library here in Manchester I left it there. Someone else did as well. Also Dave the printer at Rochdale Alternative Press may have kept copies of the BF newspaper. Longsight Library may have kept the socialist unity stuff, remember Jeff West unemployed welder.PS Iremember tearing up Spooners labour party card aqnd using it for roach material.

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